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Welcome To My Gallery
 My name is Madeline M. Allen / SmudgeArt 
My home is Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada.

Born in the 50's in the small town of Badger, Newfoundland. Canada. 
Surrounded by rivers, lakes and forest. That I loved. 
I grew up with an appreciation of nature at it's best out my front door. Wild animals and birds were a common sight. 
Summers hot and dry with beautiful sunsets. 
Autumns full of stunning colors, the reds, oranges and 
golden tones of the maple, the birch, and the tamarack trees, 
with the different shades of green of the pine and 
spruce trees that clad the hills, forest and valleys. 
All the while setting a pallet of colors 
that would be ever etched in my mind.
 Throughout my life, every fall, that old yearning to 
capture the colors of my childhood would come to haunt me. 
I have had many interests over the years 
to tame that creative urge like flower gardening, 
writing children's books and drawing. 
In the past  years, photography has become my Love. 
Out of my love for photography came a cure 
for this fall time yearning to create with color. 
Using my original photography as my pallet of colors, 
my passion for what I call "SmudgeArt" emerged.
 You will find in my galleries, a collection of my "SmudgeArt"
Fractal Art, Fractalius Art, Photography and much more.

Enjoy !

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Madeline M Allen
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Madeline / SmudgeArt